Blogs and SEO Copy

Regular updates, exciting content and entertaining blogs are the keys to a successful website.  Google’s ‘bots’ trawl the internet for written content that readers will find helpful, so your website needs to be packed with it.  But coming up with 300 words and a few quality pictures can be quite a task when you are busy running a business.  And sometimes it’s difficult to ‘see the wood from the trees’.  That’s where we can help.

Led by Tim Jones. a freelance BBC Journalist and Producer, As You See It Media can seek out the unique selling points of your business and create a series of regular SEO-optimised blogs for your company.  Put us on a regular retainer, and we will get to know your business well enough to tell its story but not so well that we lose the ability to judge what will appeal to potential customers.

Beacon Park Boats commission us to write regular blogs for them. Click on the picture below to visit their blog page.

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