Capturing the drama at the boat house

The secret to success in social media is great content; stories which engage and grab the attention.   But you need to be able to spot the angle and drive the narrative in what may, to you, seem ‘all in a day’s work.’  That’s where we come in.

We joined the team at Beacon Park Boats as they fitted the engine to the newest addition to the fleet, Falcon; the canal’s first eight-birth canal boat.  It looked like a very big power unit to get into a small hatch and the tension was high as inch-by-inch the engine was craned into the bay.  Drama was sure to follow.


Capturing the tension of the moment is the key to success.  Just like when filming a TV programme, we tried encouraged the owner to talk to us about what they are doing, without stopping the action or distracting them enough to endanger them.  We brought out his thoughts, excitement, and worries.  It was the ‘will it?… won’t it?’ nature of the installation that made for a great drama-filled day at the boathouse. And we had to find a way to satisfy two audiences; keen boaters and people who like a good tale well told.

Click the image below to take a look at the video.