Lockdown and beyond!

Lockdown was an incredibly busy and stressful period for many businesses but many of them showed great resourcefulness and deployed highly imaginative methods to get their messages across.

One of those was Propel Finance, who asked us to record their sales team and put them into Powerpoint presentations so that they could send the video out via email marketing.  You can see an example of this below put together by their farm finance team.  This form of production is highly cost-effective as it reduces costs and it also minimises the amount of travel – worth considering if we have to lockdown again.

Now that we are moving out of lockdown, we are back to normal location filming and photography, though we still conduct these in a Covid-secure way, with the use of radio mics, hand sanitiser, facemasks and zoom lenses.  One of the most enjoyable was filming with Elysium Healthcare and Koestler Arts, who created an exhibition of works by prisoners and patients in secure mental health settings.

If you would like to talk about video or other content for your social media channels, do please get in touch