A multi-camera live streaming setupGOING LIVE AND LOOKING GOOD IN A COVID WORLD

Everyone and everything is going online during the Coronavirus Pandemic.  Zoom has become a household world.  Billions of pounds of business are being conducted over the internet.  But is it an effective way to sell your product?

The answer to that question is “Yes and No!”  “Yes” because streaming product demonstrations is practically zero cost; get yourself a laptop, a YouTube Account and join the millions of other people video blogging or Vlogging as it has become known.  “No” because you are joining millions of other people jabbering away on the internet – there is nothing to make you stand out, look professional.

So, how to keep costs down and look good on air?  TV has changed immeasurably since I was running major outside broadcasts for the BBC.  Then, you needed an articulated truck full of £££££££s of kit.  Now, the latest generation of mini-switchers are make it possible to cut between up to four cameras, graphics and slides and send it out over YouTube or Facebook live for a fraction of the cost (and size that matter).  Think of your own cookery programme or shopping channel, set up in around an hour in your workplace and streaming live to your customers and potential clients.  Live and recorded as well; you get a copy to use later across your website and social media.

As You See It Media are investing in online streaming and multi-camera production.  We can set up a mini studio in any Covid-secure environment cameras, sound and lighting equipment.   We can shoot from more than 2m away (in fact it looks better that way) meaning you can demonstrate your products without the need for a mask, just like in pre-Covid days.  We can cut between wide-shot, presenter shot, and product shot, overlay graphics, even show your Powerpoint demonstration; all on the same stream.  Virtual conferences, staff meetings and sales pitches are us!

And we aren’t talking TV budgets or major disruption here.  Wireless camera technology means we can use one camera (more to follow) without any trailing cables; sending HD quality video and audio back to the switcher and able to move around freely.

And the cost-savings don’t end there.   Using the ATEM for multi-camera production means we don’t have to spend time in the edit, synching up cameras and sound; we record it all, as live, as it happens, from every angle.

We first used this new system with The Landmark trust, in their beautiful and serene Llwyn Celyn farmhouse.  They wanted to record some seasonal cooking recipes, from Tudor and Victorian times.  Running through 20 recipes was achieved almost in realtime, with very little editing required afterwards, negating the need for endless retakes; making the presenters happy too.  Sounds better than selling your product through your Ipad propped up on your dining room table, doesn’t it?

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