Drone Pilot

Video and photographs taken from a drone give a completely different perspective to any project.

We can send a drone up to 400ft (120m) into the air to get a birds-eye view of your building, event or product. It can sweep from side to side, up and over or circle overhead so your clients can see every detail.

Our Mavic Pro drone can capture your project in stunning 4K video or 20mp stills. And the DJI mini can fly in more places than larger aircraft.

So, whether it is a construction project or a tourism business, we can give a completely different angle on what you do.

Tim and Will are both CAA Certified pilots and fully insured for commercial flying.

We include drone photography in all our digital media packages with a discount if you don’t need it or conditions don’t allow us to fly.

As You See It Media: the sky’s the limit.

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