Multi-camera live streaming

Everyone and everything went online during the Coronavirus Pandemic. Billions of pounds of business are conducted over the Internet. Vlogs and live-stream are now household words.  Webinars, Town Halls and meetings are conducted using Microsoft Teams, Zoom and WhatsApp.  So how to make yours stand out?

TV has changed since Tim was running big outside broadcasts for the BBC. Then, you needed an articulated truck full of ££££s of kit. Mini-switchers make it possible to cut between up to four cameras, graphics and slides and transmit to your website, YouTube, Vimeo or Facebook for a fraction of the cost.

We can integrate multi-camera studio presentations into your favourite platform.  If you want your staff training webinar or Town Hall meeting to look better on Teams, we can integrate fully with that.  You look after the attendees and the Q+A and we can look after the studio guests, video and slides.

As You See It Media are investing in online streaming and multi-camera production because we see it as the future.

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