Multi-camera live streaming

Everyone and everything is going online during the Coronavirus Pandemic. Zoom has become a household word. Billions of pounds of business are conducted over the internet. But is it an effective way to sell your product?

The answer to that question is “Yes and No!” “Yes” because live-streaming product demonstrations are practically zero cost; just a laptop, and a YouTube account. “No” because you are up against millions of others jabbering away on the internet – there is nothing to make you stand out.

So, how to keep costs down and look good on air? TV has changed since Tim was running outside broadcasts for the BBC. Then, you needed an articulated truck full of ££££s of kit. Now, mini-switchers make it possible to cut between up to four cameras, graphics and slides and transmit to YouTube or Facebook for a fraction of the cost.

As You See It Media are investing in online streaming and multi-camera production. We can shoot from more than 2m away (in fact it looks better that way) so you can don’t need to wear a mask. We select a wide-shot, presenter shot, product shot, even show your Powerpoint demonstration; all on the same stream. Sounds better than selling through your Ipad propped up on your dining room table, doesn’t it?

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