Telling your story, selling your business

Nobody knows the story of the business better than the people who run it, which is why business people are often best placed to sell it. They demonstrate a passion for their product; the same belief which drove them to set up their venture in the first place. And they possess all the knowledge and understanding which has sustained their venture over time.

At As You See It Media, we will always encourage business owners to appear on camera, rather than hire in an actor or voiceover artist. Not only is it cheaper, but customers want to see and get to know who they are dealing with; it builds trust and confidence. We know that businesses owners can be nervous of cameras, but with the right encouragement and support and the experience of decades in broadcasting, we can deliver videos which have the right tone and professionalism.

Sam Goddard of the Forest School Network is a confident performer. We have just made a series of tutorial videos for him about Cambium Sustainable and the Forest School Network. We filmed on multiple cameras to save on editing costs and ended up with some spare time on the shoot day.  So we filmed a short interview and turned it into this promo video for the Forest School Network. #videography #videomarketing #promovideo