A picture really is worth 1,000 words – but only if it’s the right picture. The internet is full of images, so only the best will stand out.

Our pictures are unashamedly informal, journalistic and engaging. They reveal the story behind your product so that people can understand your passion for your business.

Quality commercial photography should be part of an ongoing process of telling your story and building brand awareness by presenting engaging images time and again. That’s why we include digital photography in all our social media management packages.

Will and Tim know how to put subjects at ease in front of a camera and capture those special moments which will attract the attention of your target audience.

They shoot on Canon 5Ds with L series lenses, with lights and flash to capture high-resolution, stunning images. For product photography, they capture High Dynamic Range photos (multiple exposures stacked together) to bring out every detail.

And we can provide a professional photographer to cover your event or enhance your advertising so whatever your story. Get us in for a day and we can provide enough images for a year. Whatever you want to see, As You See It Photo have you covered.

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