Back to Business in 2023

2022 was tough, and the future for business in 2023 seems no more certain.  It’s getting harder to compete for the cautious consumer pound.  This is why brand recognition and brand authority are all the more important right now.

Building brand recognition is not just about splashing the advertising cash, if you have it, it’s about taking a consistent approach to your customer base, new and old.  Paid advertising is great for winning new clients, but interesting, engaging, quality content can do the same for less financial outlay.  And once you have your customer’s attention, regular posts containing interesting and relevant words, images and videos can keep them focussed on you and your business.

It’s all a lot to think about when you are trying to get your business up and running again after the long festive break, organising sales, or trying to find new work.  We can help build your online profile – give us a call on 01873776050.