Media Training for Talybont

A fun morning training volunteers from Talybont on Usk, how to interview and record the memories of people in their village as part of a Lottery funded project. It’s to mark the 50th Anniversary of their village hall, Henderson Hall, and they want to capture the stories of some of the village’s longest-serving residents. Budgets for these projects are always tight, so rather than do all the work ourselves, we agreed to train up some of the volunteers to use a Zoom H1n audio recorder, so they can capture the maximum number of interviews for the least possible cost. We also taught them interview techniques and use open questions to elicit the best answers. Talybont has an incredibly vibrant and energetic community so it’s always a pleasure to get involved. If you want help with a community project, please get in touch. Henderson Hall Talybont Talybont-on-Usk #audiorecording #oralhistories #history #breconbeacons #zoomh1n Local Businesses in Brecon #heritagelottery #nationallottery