Telling the story of architectural salvage

Gallops Architectural Salvage Yard near Crickhowell is an absolute treasure trove. You can find pretty much anything you want for virtually any old building there. Gallops are not struggling for trade, every builder around knows about them, and they said they were getting plenty of inquiries from their existing website. So, how could we make life easier for them and win them new markets?

When Jo Gallop commissioned us to make a new website for his business he said the old one was working just fine, but it was a bit clunky.  Jo was having to resize all his photos of new products himself before uploading them, something of a nonsense for a busy salvage expert.

The answer was to create a website which was as easy to use as his mobile phone. So, we fixed him up with a brand new WordPress site which he could update using the WP App.  Now all Jo has to do is open the app on his iPhone, take a square photo of a new product, give it a name and select a category for it to go into, and Voila, the product is on his website.

Add to that some careful investigation of Google keywords for the salvage market, a few carefully chosen phrases about rummaging for a bargain, some high-quality imagery taken on a simply gorgeous sunny winter’s day and Gallops had become a shopping destination for home improvers.

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You can see their website by clicking on this picture.