Working in Covid Lockdown

Not everything can be done on Zoom!  While much of our work has shifted online, it’s just not possible to take quality location photos without, er, going to the location!  It’s also more difficult, though not impossible, to gain a true understanding of complex subjects like community-supported agriculture schemes, over the phone.  Sometimes you just have to go there.

Socially distanced photography using a zoom lens.

It doesn’t mean we can’t operate in a Covid-Secure way:

  • We wear masks
  • Keep two metres away from our interviewees.
  • Gather audio using a boom or a radio mic which has been cleansed with alcohol wipes
  • And we have zoom lenses so we can shoot from a distance (it often looks better that way anyway).

There’s more, of course.  And, let’s face it, interviewing someone in person gives a much better insight into their story.  It’s easier to draw them out and find out what really motivates them.

So it was with Alice and Jonny of Orchard Acre Farm when we visited them near Abergavenny.  They are part of the ground-breaking breed of young farmers who are trying to change the face of agriculture.  They farm small-scale, mostly organic and supply their local area, collaborating with others like them to ensure supply consistency.  You’ll be able to read about them and be inspired by them shortly on a website we write for

And, if you would like to talk to us about legal, Covid-Secure productions, please give us a call.

A drone's eye view of Orchard Acre Garden

A drone’s eye view.